The workshops of ECOOP, Europe's foremost conference on object technology, are an excellent opportunity to bring together academics and researchers working on similar scientific areas. The workshop committee selected 21 out of 29 high quality proposals for workshops which, as usual, are scheduled for the first two days of the conference. Your participation will contribute to making these two days a success. Enjoy it!

Nr Organizers Title Mon.
1 J. Troya, J. Hernandez, A. Vallecillo Object Interoperability 2.5.2  
2 L. Wohlrab, F. Ballesteros, H. Schmidt, F. Schubert, A. Singhai 2nd ECOOP Workshop on Object-Orientation and Operating Systems 2.5.5  
3 S. Kent, A. Evans, B. Rumpe UML Semantics FAQ 2.5.28  
4 I. Borne, S. Demeyer, G. Hassan Galal Object-Oriented Architectural Evolution   3.1.10
5 I. Tomek, A. Diaz, R. Melster, A. Rito Silva Multi-user Object-Oriented Environments 3.4.5  
6 B. Jacobs, G. Leavens, P. Muller, A. Poetzsch-Heffter Formal Techniques for Java Programs 3.1.6  
7 D. Parsons, A. Rashid, A. Telea 9th Workshop for PhD Students in Object-Oriented Systems 3.1.7 3.1.7
8 J. Noble, J. Vitek, D. Lea, P. Almeida Intercontinental Workshop on Aliasing in Object-Oriented Systems   3.4.4
9 J. Vitek, P. Sewell 5th Mobile Object Systems Workshop: Programming Languages for Wide Area Networks 3.1.8  
10 O. Ciupke, S. Ducasse Experiences in Object-Oriented Reengineering   3.4.5
11 W. Weck, J. Bosch, C. Szyperski 4th International Workshop on Component-Oriented Programming 3.1.10  
12 P. Lalanda, J. Bosch, S. Bandinelli, S. Cherki Object Tecnology for Product-line Architectures   2.2.58
13 A. de Miguel, E. Ferrari, G. Guerrini, G. Kappel, I. Merlo Object-Oriented Databases   3.1.6
14 K. Davis, F. Bassetti Parallel/High-performance Object-oriented Scientific Computing   2.2.46
15 A. Seffah, M. Desmarais, C. Hayne Integrating Human Factors into Use Cases and Object-Oriented Methods 3.1.9  
16 F.S. de Boer, L. Monteiro Object-Oriented and Constraint Programming for Time Critical Applications   3.1.8
17 N. Nunes, J.F. Cunha, N. Guimarães, S. Kovacevic Workshop on User Interface Design and Object Models   3.1.11
18 C. Lopes, A. Black, L. Kendall, M. Aksit, L. Bergmans Aspect-Oriented Programming 3.1.11  
19 H. Hüttel, J. Kleist, U. Nestmann, A. Ravara 2nd International Workshop on Semantics of Objects as Processes   3.1.9
20 F.B. Abreu, H. Zuse, H.A. Sahraoui, M. Melo Quantitative Approaches in Object-Oriented Software Engineering   2.2.26
21 E. Angster, L. Boszormenyi, J. Bergin Introducing Object-Oriented Design and Programming - with Special Emphasis on Concrete Examples 3.4.4